Getting into Disney Infinity through Star Wars: my first day review.

Infinity Stuff

A few nights ago, I wanted to pre-order some Star Wars Infinity items. I was on the fence. The game seemed cool but the added expense on the eve of Force Friday wasn’t something that made me really happy financially. I worked late on Saturday night and slept in on Sunday. My wife woke me up and said “Lets go get it all. ” I don’t need much pushing to spend money on Star Wars. I jumped in the shower and we were out the door.

I wish I could make the rest of this seem really fast. But it wasn’t. I went to Best Buy because they have a deal where if you buy three items, you get a fourth item free. We got the starter pack, two figures, toy box add-on, and the content discs. Yoda and Obi-Wan were picked up there along with the starter pack which included Anakin and Ahsoka.

Got this too!

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) August 30, 2015

Yoda! You seek Yoda!

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) August 30, 2015

Anakin and Ahsoka!

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) August 30, 2015

Who knows what this stuff does!? I own it.

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) August 30, 2015

I went to Gamestop. “I’ll take your finest Zeb.” Zeb is the exclusive there. They didn’t have it. The dude was cool though. He called around. He got another store ten minutes away to hold it for me. We drove over. We passed by a Walmart. They have the Kanan exclusive. I stopped by there first, risking losing my Zeb if I took too long. They didn’t have Kanan. Mission failure. Rushed to Gamestop. Got Zeb. Success!

Zeb GameStop Timed exclusive in hand!

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) August 30, 2015

Then we drove to Toys R Us. We picked up their exclusive Ezra. That was easy, they had a lot of him. I remembered another Walmart was near there. I went in. They had a BB-8 shirt. They weren’t supposed to have that out. Then I found Kanan. They had about 5 of him left. Success!

Ezra Bridger Toys R Us timed exclusive in hand!

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) August 30, 2015

Kanan Walmart #DisneyInfinity timed exclusive in hand!

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) August 30, 2015

Thanks to an event, I was already gifted the Sabine figure which is a Target exclusive.

Sabine Target exclusive!

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) August 30, 2015

So as you can see, just getting the Star Wars Disney Infinity content was a lot of work taking up about half the day. But we did it!

Now, I have never played Disney Infinity other than a few demo sessions as E3 and D23 and those weren’t really comfortable for me. You’re standing up, someone is watching you play, people are waiting for you to move so they can play, and I’m just trying to note what’s up so I can talk about it on a podcast. Anyways, I had no idea what to expect.

I plugged the base into the Xbox One. I put two figures on it. The base holds two figures, one for player one and one for player two. However, there’s a strange bug that occurs when you try and use Twitch with the game where the base keeps saying it needs to be connected. After messing with it, it worked. On the base you have to have a figure and a “game” the weird hexagonal look thing goes on the base and opens up your adventures with levels and content.

The game itself is very much your basic hack and slash game. In Twilight of the Republic the starter pack I purchased, you’re on a Clone Wars adventure. So as you can imagine, you’re Ahsoka or Anakin a lot and you fight battle droids. Simply remove the figure from the base and put another figure in its spot and you’re that character, provided you’ve unlocked the character in that adventure. I unlocked all the Rebels characters except for Sabine because I never found her token. However, characters like Obi-Wan and Yoda that are specific to that era of the story come unlocked by default. Some characters like Ezra aren’t unlocked until later in the game.

The game itself isn’t super long. But it wasn’t so short I felted shorted. You battle the Separatists first. You end up going to the Jedi Temple which has a lot of little mini-quests you can do around Coruscant. You go to Tatooine and there’s a Podrace and lots of missions out in the sandy town of Mos Espa. You also end up on Naboo to stand off against Darth Maul and his crime syndicate.

There’s space missions and combat as well. To get to each planet you have to travel there. Usually before you can land on a planet you will have to fight some enemy ships. I found this all very fun. I loved the Podrace mini-game but I found the controls to be really difficult to master and I’m generally very good at Podracing games. It took me three times to beat it the first time which was embarrassing in front of my pals on Twitch!

Another cool thing I didn’t really understand was that it has a “Toy Box” mode where people can make levels. Disney made a Hoth, Death Star, Endor, and Tatooine map you can download and have more fun with. But you can also make your own or download maps people made. That means a lot of added content for free if you get the quality stuff. Most of the orbs you pick up in game are to buy content for your builder account. I bought characters, Endor trees and stuff like that for my builder.

Also if you link your Disney account with your game you unlock Hera and the Ghost!

I earned this!

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) August 30, 2015

I had a really good Star Wars experience with Disney Infinity. I can honestly say I look forward to the next addition that includes Luke and Leia. I love the figures. All of them. They look fantastic. Overall I am generally pleased and excited with what Disney Infinity did with Star Wars.

The collection:

Infinity Stuff

You can order a lot of these figures on right now. The timed exclusives will become available in a few months everywhere. You can also get the PS4 version that comes with a timed Boba Fett, Luke and Leia, and another adventure as well.

*Side note: This isn’t going to replace Battlefront for you or anything. But it will give you a fun Star Wars adventure.

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