Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Who Is Snoke?


This is a speculative article however it contains possible spoilers for The Force Awakens, if you want to remain completely spoiler free don’t read any further than this!

As I’ve mentioned many times before I am a huge fan of the villains from the Star Wars saga, so the thing I am most interested in when talking about The Force Awakens is the new bad guys, who they are and what are they about. You may remember recently I wrote another speculative piece pertaining to Kylo Ren and his possible future, a subject I am sure has some grounding. Today however I’ll be talking about Mr Andy Serkis’ character, Supreme Leader Snoke!

So what do we really know about Supreme Leader Snoke? Not much is the answer to that question, we know who the character is played by as I mentioned above, we also know Andy Serkis is doing his famed motion capture work for the character. Serkis also confirmed a while back that it was in fact his voice we heard in the first teaser trailer, he also added that it was completely natural and no voice enhancement was carried out. We also have one very interesting yet vague quote from Serkis himself regarding his character, this quote is taken from an interview he did with Entertainment Weekly after the first teaser was released, he said:

I have to be very careful about how I answer these questions. The character … he says, followed by a long pause. He’s been through some stuff.

This quote doesn’t really tell us much at all, however Serkis saying that his character has “been through some stuff” indicates to me that Supreme Leader Snoke has experience and knowledge of the galaxy, knowledge he may have gained through someone or knowledge that has been self-taught through experience so to speak. These are questions we can’t right now, however let’s look a little deeper into the mystery of Snoke.

A little while back our friends over at Star Wars Underworld got the scoop on Supreme Leader Snoke(previously codenamed Uber) and what he may look like in The Force Awakens. Their article bullet pointed that he “looks like an old man” and appears “zombie-like” almost as if he’s “risen from the dead”. These points here are very interesting indeed however they give us more questions than answers, I also feel that the last point “risen from the dead” is just descriptive way our friends sources used to describe his look, I don’t personally think he has literally risen from the dead. This however takes me onto my next point, a theory many feel very strongly about and who’s to say they are wrong, It’s all up for conjecture right now!

So an opinion many have is that Supreme Leader Snoke is in fact Darth Plagueis, many of my friends are adamant that the Supreme Leader is the former dark lord of the Sith and that he used his knowledge of the dark side to reicarnate himself and bring the Sith back to power. This theory is fair that’s for sure, It would create a long thread of connective tissue between the sequels and prequels and would create a great threat to our rising heroines, I mean how do you kill someone who has already died and come back to life? However here’s the thing with this theory, first of all we have no evidence so far that points to this as being the case, also I feel like they will want to introduce a new main villain to the already existing saga someone whom has crept from the shadows of a fractured Empire, someone or something that has risen from the ashes of the Sith.

“Unlimited Powerrrrrrr!!”-Darth Sidious

One thing that is fairly certain but is yet to be confirmed is that Supreme Leader Snoke is Force sensitive, we gather from his dialogue in the first teaser trailer that he is at least aware of the force and its going on’s. His line “There has been an awakening, have you felt it” says to me and many others that he has felt the awakening in the Force from both the dark side and light side, maybe this is him telling Kylo the time has come to carry out their mission? Or maybe he’s preparing his foot soldier for what is to come, for me the former is most plausible. We know that throughout the film Kylo Ren and The General played by Domhnall Gleeson are reporting to Snoke via hologram and that his title now tells us he’s the one pulling the strings for The First Order, this also makes me believe he was most likely the founder of this new order who picked up the fragmented Empire and bought it together seizing the power from the void that was left following the Emperor’s demise.

All of that being said who really is this mysterious leader, is he alone in his string pulling or is he a member of a cult. You may be wondering what I mean by this well, Star Wars Rebels has cemented in canon the existence of Inquisitors and is showing us that the Emperor and Vader used many of them to carry out their bidding. What if Supreme Leader Snoke was a former Inquisitor who learnt directly from Vader or the Emperor, could he have learnt enough to have become a Sith meaning the force and it’s balance was still in question come the end of Return Of The Jedi? Maybe Snoke gathered up the remaining Inquisitors and formed this mysterious “Seven” that attack Luke’s Jedi acadamy post Return Of The Jedi, maybe Supreme Leader Snoke has formed his own Sith Order and is currently residing on Moraband watching his dark plans fall into place. Again I must reiterate that this is speculation based of off what we know, I could be way off and I’m sure there is more to this character than we may see in The Force Awakens come December.

Just remember, the dark side is shrouded in mystery and in this case right now that is evident.

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