Topps Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #12: Cross-Trading Like A Jawa


Welcome to’s weekly Star Wars Card Trader Round-Up #12!

We’re going to change things up a little with this column. Chances are, if you read this, you’re already playing Star Wars Card Trader, so the idea of bombarding you with the weekly news is out the window. Instead, we will continue sharing our week and in the course of that, discuss new sets if we are collecting them. We will still have the occasional tips as needed, and we will also focus more on past sets as they are very cool to collect. With that…away we go!


Mark (GRIDDLEMARKS on #SWCT and @Griddlemarks on Twitter)

With the Marathons wrapped up except for Galactic Moments, I’m in a little bit of a holding pattern. I collected the Moments Edge cards which I liked quite a bit. I’m chasing the Del Rey Book Series which is a set that I love to hate. Gorgeous cards…horrible odds and virtually impossible to trade for. The recently released First Order vs. The Resistance Cards are pretty cool and it allows a Free To Play player a chance to collect two full sets of The Force Awakens cards with just their daily credits. It’s nice coming from Topps especially with all the charges that they are only in it for the money. They are a company after all, and companies need money to stay afloat, but it’s nice for all players, free or otherwise, to have something they are able to collect. Other than that, unless Marathons start back up, it’s going to be quiet until TFA premieres as there is only so much that Topps can show from The Force Awakens before it is in theaters. This may be the time for many of you to start saving credits or blow them in a few minutes chasing Del Rey like I just did. Oh well.


Andrew (DARTHDRU80 on #SWCT and @LaKingsDru on Twitter)

What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been on the app. With the sudden news of needing a Luke Preps for a special award that sent people into a frenzy, it’s been relatively quiet for me as well. I have kept up with the Moments Edge set, the different Locations sets and other smaller sets that have released. I have given up trying to get all the Galactic Moments, Connections and Topps Choice. Going to be putting those on the trade block before the deadline. Marathons are a credit burn and actually quite stressful at times. I am in on the Del Rey series, although I missed the first card drop (Aftermath). I am liking the new TFA set. I didn’t get it at first but Mark was able to break it down and it is nice getting a guaranteed hit out of 25k, then possibly missing out on one with the way the odds have been lately.


Ron (CPTHRIO on #SWCT and @CPThrio on Twitter)

For the last few weeks I was completely focused on the Moments Edge set. That set was interesting in the way they released it, with the “Hot Moments” giving better odds on the set than at other times. The frustrating thing though was that through 10 cards I never found the supposed 1:10 odds during the Hot Moments to actually work out. Of course that’s a small sample size but I definitely burned through far more credits than I should have for each of those 10 cards based on the Hot Moments odds. The set was thus very difficult for me to collect and I had to work hard at trading for at least half the set. Special thanks to our own Amanda Ward (AMANDAWARD on #SWCT) for helping me with the unbelievably difficult Leia card. I have to admit – I’m almost completely focused on The Force Awakens right now. So the fact that Moments Edge caught my attention says a lot about how amazing the art on those cards is. Probably the best art I’ve seen in any of the sets. Going back to The Force Awakens, this week they released the Resistance vs. the First Order set which also has incredible art. I’m impressed at Topps’ ability to continue to put out interesting cards with limited imagery from the new film. I can’t wait until we have mixed sets with characters from the WHOLE saga.



If you are having trouble getting certain cards in the app, you hit the fan feed of course and try and score a good trade there. When that fails, don’t give up. The SWCT community is full of really rad, honest to good users out there who “cross trade”. Crosstrading is trading across different apps. In order to cross trade, you will need to open an account on any other Topps card trading app. Whether it’s Bunt, Huddle, or Kick it’s the same premise as SWCT. Collect daily credits, open packs. Bunt is baseball, Huddle is NFL football, and Kick is Multi league football (soccer) MLS, Premier League, Champions League and BundesLIGA. You can get Signatures, Relic cards, and inserts just as you would in SWCT. There are groups on Facebook (Black Sun Cantina, Cantina Cross Traders) for Star Wars card trader and cross trading. Here you will deal with those in the community who won’t try to scam you and fleece you for a card. Example; you open an account on your Huddle app. Break a few sig packs and pull a Peyton Manning sig. You might not be a football fan, however someone out there is a HUGE Peyton fan and will pay handsomely for that card. Lots of sets, hard to find marathons, and low count inserts can be had by crosstrading. I can speak from experience. A few weeks ago I opened a huddle pack and pulled a sig. I cross-traded that sig for a complete set of purple die cut TFA cards. I then traded that set with a user on the Star Wars card trader Facebook page for a Luke Preps vintage which gave me all 30 vintage marathon cards. It’s a great way to get cards, without burning your SWCT credit hoard, and a good way to make some new buddies in the community. Word of warning, when you try and cross trade, always look at the person’s force score, and trade partners they have had. If you trade with someone on the group pages, doesn’t hurt to ask a moderator to be the middleman in the trade. Good luck, and MTFBWY!


If you’re frustrated or feeling burnt out on the app, stop playing for a little but. We’ve all been there at various times. Just make sure to continue to open up the app every day to get your credits. You’ll never know when something insanely cool is released that you may want to collect, but now you’ll have a ton of credits to chase it. And in general, sometimes it’s good to step away from something and gain perspective. If this app isn’t fun for you anymore, it’s definitely time to put it down for a bit. If you come back and it still isn’t fun…move along…move along…

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